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Strong green credentials are rooted at our very core. HIRD has been recycling materials from the very beginning – before recycling was even a thing.  

Sustainability is the cornerstone of everything we do. Since its inception, HIRD Group has repurposed and upcycled materials to provide sustainable rail products – dating all the way back to 1952, when Michael’s father unknowingly “recycled” old railway sleepers.



We purchase consumables in bulk to reduce waste and avoid single use plastics, while ensuring that none of our production materials are used wastefully.



Our forklifts and powered pallet trucks are all rechargeable. We have EV charging points in the staff carpark, and we provide a take-back service for plastic pallets for use amongst our own suppliers.



Our waste hierarchy is very closely managed. Wherever possible, all our industrial and office waste is recycled, and any office waste that cannot be recycled is compressed into fuel to avoid adding to landfill.

We source and manufacture products that are sustainable

As part of the circular economy, we are playing a key role in the creation of a greener, more efficient rail network. The Group’s product line aims to sustainably safeguard and lengthen the lifespan of rail infrastructure. Each item is expertly designed to last as long as, if not longer, than the rail in which they are installed.

For instance, HIRD Rail Service’s IBJs survive circa 15 years, while a state railway expects its typical equipment to endure no more than 5 years. Other sustainable rail track components include HIRD Rail Development’s anti-trespass panels, which are made from recycled aircraft tyres. HIRD Rail Development (HRD) have also designed a cold hole expansion and end-post repair kit to prolong the life of railway tracks. In addition, TTS Rail is the main distributor of Green Trough – recycled trough for ground cable installation made from plastic bottles. The company shifts around 700 containers a year, equating to 148 million recycled bottles.

We act sustainably

To limit waste and avoid using single-use plastics, we recycle all industrial packaging and buy supplies in bulk. All our UK supply chains are located within 50 miles. We also collaborate with businesses who are just as committed to acting sustainably. This includes several B Corp companies. We’ve previously had the privilege of sponsoring the COP26 Summit flag, further demonstrating our dedication to environmental sustainability.

We implement environmentally friendly practices

In the office, we separate recyclables from general waste and send away any leftovers to be repurposed into fuel bales. All our forklifts and company vehicles are electric.

We have numerous recycling processes in place in the factory to ensure that 100% of our waste is recycled. For example at Hird Rail Services (HRS), when adding the grit surface to anti-slip walkways, all excess grit falls into the troughs set up below the manufacturing station, allowing us to collect, sift and reuse the grit for the next batch of products.

We are an environmentally focused workforce

Our employees’ social responsibility is equally important to us. We carry out all kinds of Environmental, Social, and Governance training (ESG) to ensure our staff are fully invested in our environmental ethos, and up-to-speed with the latest sustainable developments.

Employing a diverse workforce across our office and factory plays a big part in our ability to think green too. Having employees from different age ranges, backgrounds and experiences enables us to hear fresh perspectives on environmental challenges, facilitating continuous learning and ensuring sustainable innovation.

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