Posted on 25 January 2023

We are thrilled to introduce you to our new website and newly formed brand, “The HIRD Group”, which encompasses all the HIRD companies that live within it. It’s been months in the making, and has required lots of dedication and hard work from the team.

We took the decision to create an overarching brand and website – “The HIRD Group” – to create a sense of “unity”, and bring the individual HIRD websites into one shared style. The HIRD Group consists of HIRD’s four sub-companies, HRS, HRD HBV and TTS which provide infrastructure services to the rail industry and beyond. Each are specialists within their own fields, yet can jointly offer a complete set of services across the infrastructure space.

All The Group’s individual brand websites have tangible synergy between them – they look and feel similar, but operate separately. By aligning the brands across The Group, you can easily identify when visiting one of our individual company’s websites that it belongs to The HIRD Group. Moving forward, this should create clarity and a clearer message.

Why The Group?

There is so much power when a group of companies come together – we are stronger together, and uniting under one brand name means we can harness the collective power of The Group and the 100+ years of experience we have at our disposal. Together, The HIRD Group acts as your one-stop-shop for all your infrastructure needs.

As a client this means you have access to a wealth of knowledge across the entire group, as well as a full range of multi-disciplinary services – should you need them.

Although each company has been hugely successful to date, and will still operate as separate entities, with separate websites, coming together as one unified brand brings added value by enabling you to easily access all our services under one roof.

Sustainability is in our DNA

In addition to our new group structure, we are excited to be able to highlight all of the significant environmental developments being carried out across The Group. Find out more about our commitment to sustainability, and how our green ethos permeates every aspect of what we do – from our whole-of-life products to our green work practices.

Most importantly, we want all our customers to come away feeling extremely satisfied with the services they have experienced from The HIRD Group. And when a need for an infrastructure product arises, immediately think of The Group as the go-to brand for solving a problem and servicing those needs. We hope you enjoy our new website as much as we do.